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Published: 01st December 2009
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The rats can create a lot of destruction as well as disturbances in the houses and farm lands. The rats can easily destroy all the yields from the farm lands leading to several losses. They can easily destroy all the furniture and electrical appliances. The mice can simply wear off the cables and wires of electronic and electrical appliances. They can also affect the constructional structure of buildings by burrowing into the surroundings of the buildings. The rats can easily breed in any corners of the houses and increase their population. Thus the problems and destructions made by rats will also increase. They can also increase the rate of various harmful diseases. So it becomes a necessity to stop mice from entering into house and kill the rats and adopt various rodent control methods. There are various rodent control methods to kill the rats as well as to stop mice from getting into the houses. These rodent control methods include the use of various poisonous chemicals.

The rodent control methods used to kill the rats are basically known as the pesticides. These rodent control pesticides which are used to stop mice population are made from highly poisonous chemicals. These rodent control pesticides are not eco friendly. These pesticides used to kill and stop mice population can cause various sorts of skin problems to humans if it is not properly handled and can even cause instant death if taken in accidentally. So certain precautions must be taken while keeping and using these pesticides. These poisonous pesticides must be kept far away from the reach of children and pet animals.

The poison for rats or the rodent control pesticides are available as per different toxic and concentration levels. Some of these pesticides prevent the clotting of blood, where as some pesticides damage the brain, spinal cord and muscle. There are basically three types of pesticides used to kill rats and mice. They are the bromethalin, neurotoxin, cholecalciferol. The bromethalin chemical destroys the central nervous system leading to immediate paralysis and then death. These pesticides must be kept away fro cats and dogs because these poisonous pesticides can even kill these pet animals instantly. The neurotoxin poison used in pesticides for rats destroys the nerve cells inside the body and cause paralysis. The poisoning of this constituent is also rapid. The cholecalciferol used in the rodent control pesticides decreases the working of the heart of the mice and rats and causes increased uncontrolled urination and create a great extent of thirst for water. This cholecalciferol also cause severe tiredness to the body and leads to sudden cardiac arrest. Different poisonous pesticides have different concentration levels of bromethalin, neurotoxin, cholecalciferol depending upon the range and amount of rats to be killed. These rat poisons are mixed with any type of food items and kept in places where the rats usually visit. After applying the food items with food, the hands should be properly washed with soap. The best method is to use some kind of utensils or sticks to mix the poison with food. The rat poisons are available in different forms like powder and liquid forms. The rat poison should be kept in safe and secure place away from kitchen and dining room. All these types of poisons are available at cheap prices in the market.

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