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Published: 08th January 2010
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The rats and mice are those types of rodents which create a lot of problems as well as destruction in the houses, farm lands and even in the surroundings. The rats and mice basically like to live in these places because in these types of places the rats and mice get sufficient amount of their food, water and shelter. These rodents must be kept far away from our surroundings and must also not allow them to get into these places. If the existence of rats and mice in the houses and farm lands are not properly controlled, it can lead to reasons of many harmful diseases and also many destructions and disturbances. The rats have the ability to climb up to the cup boards and even the ability to get into deep corners of the room. These rodents can wear out the costly and valuable clothes and other leather products in the houses. They can even destroy the electrical and electronic products. They can simply destroy the crops and yields in the farm lands. So it is very much essential to get rid of rats from our surroundings.

There are various types of rat repellents available in the market but most of these rat repellents are made from poisonous and toxic chemicals. If these poisonous rat repellents are used it lead to death of kids, adults and pet animals if not properly handled. The use of poisonous rat repellents requires many safety precautions so it is very much essential to use the repellents for rats and mice which are totally poison free. There are very few poison free repellents for rats available in the market and are considered to be more effective and safer as compared to the poisonous types of rat repellents. One of these repellents for rats is the eco-friendly repellent spray. This eco-friendly repellent spray comes in a spray bottle and can be used to spray into deep corners of the room. This type of repellent for rats spray is made from the selected natural organic herbs and do not contain any constituent of poisonous elements and chemicals. This spray has the fragrance of mint which makes a pleasant atmosphere when sprayed into the rooms. So this spray can also be used as a room freshener. Apart from this repellent produce the smell of cat' body which makes get rid of rats and mice. As soon as the rats get this smell they feel as if the rats and mice are around them and they leave the place very quickly. Thus this poison free repellent for rats can simply get rid of rats.

There are also electronic poison free repellents for rats available in the market. These electronic rat repellents do not contain any sort of toxic elements to get rid of rats. These repellents also do not emit any sort of toxic gases. These electronic repellents for rats simply emit high frequency sound and produce distress in ears of the rats and drive them away. In order to get rid of rats effectively the electronic rat repellents must be installed in rooms with the least amount of furniture and upholstery. All these types of poison free repellents for rat s are available at affordable prices in the market.

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