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Published: 08th January 2010
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The rodents like the rats and mice are of serious problems inside as well as outside the houses. These rodents make our surrounding dirty and cause various reasons to produce various types of diseases. The rats and mice can easily get into the deep corners of the rooms. They can simply destroy the furniture and upholstery present in the rooms. These rodents can also tear off the valuable clothes, shoes and even other leather upholstery. These rodents can tear off the sacks and bags filled with grains and cereals kept in the store rooms as well as the go-downs. Besides these they can destroy the crops, grains, cereals, roots of the crops and yields present in the farm lands. Inside the house they are totally safe from some of their predators. These rodents get total security from snakes, owls, eagles and to some extent from the cats and dogs. Due to these reasons it is very much essential to get rid of mice from these surroundings.

In order to get rid of mice from these places there are several pesticides and rat traps which are very much lethal and require certain precautions. It is very much necessary to properly handle these rodent control products. Since these products are found to be lethal not only to the rats and mice but also the humans and the pet animals, these lethal products must be stored in safe places away from the reach of children. There are non-lethal products available in the market which are very useful to get rid of rats and also prevent them getting into the houses and surroundings again. The non-lethal products include the use of electronic mouse repellents which do not use any kind of poisonous and toxic elements to get rid of mice. These repellents also do not emit any kind of toxic and poisonous elements. There are different models of these types of electronic mouse repellents. These repellents are mainly designed for internal use. These mouse repellents emit high frequency sound to repel the rats and mice from the houses. The frequency of sound emitted by these repellents is of the range of twenty thousand hertz. This high frequency sound develops distress in the ears of the rats and forces them to leave the place where these mouse repellents are being installed. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency from these repellents, it is very much essential to install these mouse repellents in rooms with less number of furniture and upholstery because these products absorb the sound emitted by these electronic repellents to a considerable extent and decreases the efficiency. There are also solar mouse repellents which work on the same principle and deigned for use in the outdoors.

There are also other non lethal products to repel the rats away from the houses. There exists eco-friendly repellent spray which comes in a spray bottle and can be easily sprayed into deep corners of the room. This type of repellent for rats spray is made from the selected natural organic herbs and do not contain any constituent of poisonous elements and chemicals. This spray has the fragrance of mint which makes a pleasant atmosphere when sprayed into the rooms. So this spray can also be used as a room freshener. Apart from this repellent produce the smell of cat' body which makes get rid of rats and mice. All these types of repellents for mice and rats do not cause any type of harm to the rats and mice and simply repel them away. These non-lethal repellents for rats and mice are available at affordable prices in the market.

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