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Published: 18th March 2010
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The rats and mice can easily access into the house without much risk. These rodents can easily get into any corners of the house through the small holes and vents. They can easily get into the house by climbing up the tall pipe lines. So the rats and mice do not have any sort of restrictions for getting inside the house. Once they get inside the house, they use to wander all around the house in search of food items. While wandering around the house, they get inside the cup-boards and tear off the expensive clothes and fibre. They also use to destroy the electrical and electronic appliances by gnawing the wires and cables. The rats and mice also gnaw and tear off the shoes and other leather items. On the other hand they also develop different types of diseases in the house by creating infestation around the food items and the cooking utensils. Thus it is an essential job to clear rats from the house which is not an easy job.

In order to clear rats and get rid of rats from the house, firstly it is essential to maintain the indoor as well as outdoor of the houses neat and clean. The rotten fruits under the trees should be removed and disposed off into the dustbins because these rotten fruits attract the rats to the house. The waste items from the house should be disposed into the dust bins and burnt completely. The waste food items should not be littered around the compound of the house. The food wastes like the fruits, vegetables, eatables and the fish and meat items should be disposed into the dust bins and completely burnt. The outlets of the drainage and sewage systems connected to the house should be covered with steel nets because these steel nets cannot be gnawed and chewed off by the rats and mice. By planting plants of peppermint can also keep rats out of your house because the rats get disturbed with the mint flavour. By keeping pet animals like dogs and cats, it would help to keep rats out of your house because these pet animals are the fearful predators of the rats and mice. If the rats and mice feel the presence of these pet animals, they would not enter into the house.

Beside the natural methods to keep rats out of your house, there are also the natural rat repellents which can simply clear rats as well as get rid of rats and mice from the house. These natural rat repellents are totally natural and do not contain any sort of toxic and poisonous chemicals. These types of rat repellent are mainly liquid and come in spray bottles. The natural rat repellents are made from the natural organic herbs which do not contain any sort of toxic compounds. This type of rat repellent performs two functions. Firstly it produces the smell of mint flavour and develops a pleasant fragrance around the rooms of the house. Secondly it emits the smell of cat's body which cannot be smelled by humans. Since cats are one of the most fearful predators of the rats and mice, they immediately run away from the house. Thus the natural rat repellents are also very useful to clear rats and keep rats out of your house.

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