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Published: 04th February 2010
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Since rats and mice are of great problem in the house and farm lands many types of rat repellents as well as rodent control products are available. But most of these rat repellents are made from toxic and harmful chemicals. These toxic elements can lead to create pollution and infestation by killing the rats and mice. These elements are also a matter of risk to the humans as well as the pet animals. The rodent control rat traps also require severe safety precaution as it contains heavily coiled metal rods which can cause injury to the kids and even pet animals in the house. The rats and mice get into the house through the small holes and vents. These rodents get into each and every corner of the house. Once they get into the house, they make many problems and infestations. The rats and mice destroy the furniture and upholstery by tearing and gnawing them off. So here we are going to discuss about the natural eco-friendly rat repellents which do not create any sort of pollution and are very effective to keep rats out of your house and surroundings.

The natural eco-friendly rat repellents are made from the natural organisms and do not contain any sort of toxic and poisonous chemicals. These rat repellents also do not emit any sort of toxic and poisonous elements and gas. There are different types of eco-friendly natural rat repellents. One of these is the natural rat repellents spray which is made from the natural organic herbs only. This repellent for rats does not contain any sort of toxic compounds. This repellent mainly comes in spray bottles which help to spray this repellent into deep corners of the house. It emits the smell of mint flavour which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the rooms of the house. On the other hand it also produces the smell of cat's body which is one of the ferocious predators of the rats and mice. This smell cannot be smelled by the humans. Once the rats and mice inhale this smell, they flee from the area as soon as possible. Thus this type of liquid natural repellent for rats is very useful for getting rid of mice and rats. This natural repellent is useful for getting rid of mice and do not cause any sort of harm to the rats as well as the humans and the pet animals.

There are also eco-friendly natural repellents for rat and mice. These electronic repellents mainly emit high frequency sound for getting rid of mice and rats from the house and surroundings. These types of repellents for rats do not contain or emit any sort of toxic and poisonous elements and are available in different models and designs. The frequency of sound produced by these repellents is about twenty thousand hertz which produces distress in the ears of the rats and mice and force them to leave the place as soon as possible. In order to prevent the rats and mice from getting customised to the sound, the sound is produced within a time interval of thirty seconds. This repellent requires to be installed in rooms with less number of furniture and upholstery for getting rid of mice effectively. All these types of natural and eco-friendly repellents for rats are very beneficial for getting rid of mice from the house and surroundings.

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