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Published: 01st December 2009
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The rats are one of the most destructive and dirty creatures which exist in houses, restaurants, building and apartments. These creatures can destroy all the upholsteries, furniture, clothing, shoes and socks. The rats can prove to be harmful if the food items being littered or eaten by them are taken in by humans accidentally. The rat causes severe disease like plague which is one of the most hazardous diseases. The rats usually prefer to breed in the cupboards in offices, go downs where they would be able to get sufficient amount of food. If the existence of rats is not properly controlled in houses and farmland, the breeding of rats will also take place and the number of destruction will also increase leading to several loses and diseases.

There are different methods to catch mice and kill them but these methods should be properly taken care of otherwise it can harm the human itself. Most of the methods are a tricky one as well as require toxic components. To kill rats and mices proper care must be taken while handling these components and products. The poisonous products are basically mixed with the food items and are kept in places frequently visited by rats. This method can only reduce the percentage of rats. The use of rodent control poison is one the worst methods because after consuming the poison these rats usually die under the furniture or between wall and cupboards, which when unnoticed for days can cause foul smell as well as cause air pollution. The method of using the rodent control glue traps is also not much effective because these glue traps can only be used to catch mice and can only get hold of rat's fur. The glue trap once used can never be used again.

The use of rodent control snap trap is one of the best methods to catch mice and kill them. It consists of a spring and a snap rod. It is constructed in such a way that any sort of vibrations or movements will cause the snap to the just simply thrash in the opposite direction and would kill the rat. The platform of these snap traps is usually made of wood. But the latest models are made of metal platforms. With the advance in science and technology the modern equipments like the tiny laser guns are being manufactured which have special sensors to track the rats and would emit powerful high intensity light which will be having a temperature of around two thousand degree Celsius. But this product is a costlier one.

The latest method is the use of rodent repellent spray which does not contain any poisonous or harmful constituents. This rodent repellent spray is mainly used to drive away the rats far away from the houses instead of killing them without creating any sort of pollution. This rodent repellent spray simply has a smell which drives the rat away from the house, court yards, go downs and even farm lands. This spray creates the smell of the rat's most fearful predator that is the cats. As a result of which the rats get totally feared with the smell because the scram creates a smell to the rats as if the cats are around them or near them. This rodent repellent is basically a spray which does not kills or hurts the rats. So the rats don't wait for their fate to come and tries to leave the place as soon as possible. The smell of the spray itself drives the rat away from the house.

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