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Published: 26th January 2010
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The rats and mice are those types of rodents which are of great problems in the houses, offices, go-downs and farm lands. These rodents get their requirements and necessities from the houses so they mostly like to live in the houses. The rats and mice also decide to breed in these places as they are totally safe from their different fearful predators. These creatures are capable of getting into the house through the small holes and vents. Once they get into the house, they get into each and every room of the house. They can easily get into the cup boards of the house and tear and wear off the valuable clothes. These rodents can destroy the leather shoes and other products. They can destroy the electrical and electronic appliances by wearing off the wires and cables. The rats and mice can simply tear off the bags and sacks filled cereals and grains. The rats can also develop harmful diseases by littering and urinating around the cooking utensils and food items. So it is very essential to clear rats from the house.

In order to clear rats and mice from the house certain rodent control equipments are available. But sometimes these rodent control equipments fail to trap and kill rats. Since the rats usually wander around the house during night hours, it is not easy to spot out where these rodents usually visit. So it is necessary to notice and track rats and mice. Thus with the development in science, new rat tracking elements have been discovered. The rat tracking element is basically luminous tracking powder. This powder can be easily sprinkled in each and every corner of the house. This powder is free from the toxic and poisonous chemicals. So there is no need to adopt any sort of safety precautions while sprinkling this powder. Along with this rodent control tracking powder come an ultraviolet fluorescent torch-light. As the rats and mice wander around the house, the foot of the rats and mice comes in contact with the powder. Thus wherever the rats wander, there all will be left their footprints. The footprint developed by this powder will be left up to the last station where the rats male their last trip that is up to their nests. Thus the footprints are left all over the floor and ground. These foot prints can only be noticed with the help of ultraviolet fluorescent torch light. Thus with the help of this type of torch light, even the last foot prints made by rats can be easily noticed. So it becomes very simple and easier to make out the nests of rats and in these places the rat traps can be installed to clear rats. Even water can be poured into the burrows of nests to catch mice. Thus it also becomes useful to keep the rat pesticides nearer to the rat nest instead of installing them in unknown open places. This rodent control luminous tracking powder along with the ultraviolet fluorescent torch light is very useful to clear rats from the house. These rodent control products are available at affordable prices in the market.

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