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Published: 18th May 2010
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Exterior rat repellents refers to the repellents which are used to drive away the rats and mice from the surroundings of the house. These rodents also like to live in surroundings of the house like in gardens, courtyards, warehouses and even in garages. There are different types of products available in the market that can be used to prevent the problems created by rats and mice. But most of these products involve the use of harmful pesticides and toxic compounds which might result in fatal accidents. In these places they get sufficient amount of waste food items. In the garden these rodents get sufficient amount of cereals, fruits, vegetables and grains which is just sufficient for their appetite. The rats and mice use to destroy the plants and crops present in the gardens. The Rats and mice which get into the house are those rodents which wander outside the house and surroundings. In the farmlands also the rats and mice create a lot of destructions. These rodents get deep into the ground and destroy the roots and yields of the crops and farmlands thus resulting in vast destruction and loss to farmers.

Thus in order to resolve the problems created by rats and mice outside the house it is essential to clear rats from the surroundings of the house. In order to clear rats from the surroundings of the house, there are eco-friendly rat repellents available in the market. The eco-friendly rat repellents involve the electronic and organic rodent repellents. It is always better to use these types of rodent repellents as these repellents are completely free from the toxic and harmful chemicals which can lead to fatal accidents. The eco-friendly rat repellents include the sound repellents which emit high frequency sound to clear rats from the outside surroundings of the house. These sound repellents are available in different models which can be easily installed outside. The frequency of sound produced by these rodent repellents is greater than twenty thousand hertz. This high frequency sound emitted by the rodent repellents creates distress in the ears of the rats ands mice. These electronic rodent repellents clear rats without causing any sort of pollution in the environment and surroundings.

The organic repellents used to clear rats from the house are purely made from natural constituents but its use is limited for use in outdoor purposes. Apart from these models of rodent repellents there also exist solar rat repellents which clear rats without making any sort of pollution. The solar rat repellents use the solar energy to operate its electronic components. These repellents are very compact in size and are also very economical. Some of the solar rodent repellents also come with decorative lights that can be used to illuminate the gardens of the house. There are also solar rodent repellents which produce vibrations along with high frequency sound to clear rats which are present deep under the ground. The high frequency sound produced by the solar rat repellents penetrates deep into the ground and creates a matter of fear in rats. As a result the rats and mice which are present deep under the ground are simply repelled away. All these types of electronic rodent repellents are really beneficial to clear rats from the house and surroundings.

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